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Somali Voice : Ilhan Omar kicks off her election campaign for Minneapolis House District 60B


MINNEAPOLIS (HOL) – Having experienced physical, verbal attacks and bullying last year, Ilhan Omar hasn’t taken it so personal but rather an outright attack on her community from which she relies on their vote to win the upcoming Minneapolis House District 60B election, the same district where she was attacked.

Yet again, defiant Omar struck again, kicking off her campaign for the election which would see her challenging with the longtime DFLer, Rep. Phyllis Kahn.
On Wednesday, the 32 years-old activist turned to her community in Minneapolis, seeking their votes as she unveiled her candidacy for the seat which many believe carries a significant value for diverse communities in Minneapolis.
Mrs. Omar who most recently served as a senior policy aide to Minneapolis City Councilmember Andrew Johnson had left the war-torn Somalia in in 1990s, as she and her family spent years in a refugee camp in Kenya before they got sponsored to come to the United States in 1997.
“I hereby declare that I am a candidate running for state representative’s position,” Grinning Ilhan said at her campaign kick-off event.
“If elected, I am going to make sure we reduce the dependency on fossil fuel and that we are able to divest it.” She said as she lined up some of her previous work experiences including promoting democracy, justice and youth programs.
Omar who vowed she would not abandon politics had paid the price to become a political figure. She was physically beaten at the DFL Party caucus in Minneapolis early last year.
“The men and women who attacked me did so because I refuse to succumb to their continued threats and attempts to silence me politically.” She said in an opinion piece on the Star Tribune after the assault.
In the face of racial and challenging stereotypes faced by immigrants in the US, defiant,
Mrs. Omar is determined to use her skills and experience to help changing people’s lives.
“We have an important choice to make – stay the course and continue to support the same old ideas and views or introduce new voices into that process and take a look at new solutions.” She told her supporters who gathered at packed hall in Minneapolis.


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