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Posted on 8th April 2014 in Programs


My name is Shonta’ Riles and I am an on-air personally, inspiring actor and film writer. Born in Gary, IN. where I briefly grew up, and was fortunate to be raise in a military family were i got the chance to travel though out the U.S. and Europe. In 2003 I moved to Seattle, WA where I began to question the way I was thinking and what I had learn from my upbringing. I felt I needed to take control of my own thoughts and start rebuilding my mind that I created without influence from negative sources. When i had the opportunity to have a radio show where the idea of the show was to change the perspective of your mind; and that you could unlock your full potential by stepping out of the box and Deprogram Talk Radio Show was born.


I grew up in the inner city of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Like most people my childhood was shaped by my relationships with my family and peers. Luckily I was raised in a multi cultural family so I was exposed to a variety of people and ideas. A lot of people could not understand my patience and respect for people different than me and I couldn’t understand their lack of it. While I had different views than most I spent many years trying to fit into the same box as others. Health challenges forced me to take a look at life and the reality I was living in. That led me on a journey filled with questions and answers about who I truly am. Deprogramming is about breaking down systems and ideas that keep us from learning the truth about who we are. Join me as I continue my voyage to a life of love, truth and freedom!!


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