UK To Invest 13 Billion In Somalia

Posted on 23rd November 2013 in Programs


“The significant British investment in Somalia will help promote the conditions needed for sustainable refugee return. The UK will continue to stand behind efforts to help refugees return to Somalia in safety and dignity,” the British Ambassador to Somalia Neil Wigan said.

The UK welcomes Sunday’s signing of the Tripartite Agreement between Kenya, Somalia and United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) to work jointly towards durable solutions for Somali refugees in Kenya.

British High Commissioner Dr. Christian Turner said that the signing of the agreement represents an important milestone, one that the UK has been encouraging for some time.

Turner also said that it’s just one step towards the more challenging task of safe and voluntary returns of the Somali refugees.

Turner in conclusion said that the UK would continue to support the Governments of Kenya and Somalia, together with UNHCR, to achieve the safe and voluntary returns of the Somali refugees.

UK is one of the leading supporters of UNHCR and the World Food Programme, providing over ksh 5 billion in assistance for refugees in Kenya from 2012 – 2014

By Beth Nyaga


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