Somali Community of Seattle, WA

Posted on 11th December 2011 in News

Our youth are the backbone of the community and represent the future of our community. Almost all of our youth come from low-income households and come from homes where parents are having a hard time adjusting to the new culture. Also, their parents are going though hardships, and the youth do not, often, get the attention and support they need at home. At schools, they have a hard time integrating and focusing on their academics due to the cultural barriers that are present. Our aim in this project is to support our youth, keep them engaged in school, and affirm that they can count on their community as an umbrella that shields them. By participating in our programs, our youth will gain important skills in leadership and new values that will help them integrate more into the American culture.

What we will do to engage our youth in cultural and leadership activities will have a great positive impact, since our main goal is to sustain youth projects that will produce great results, and bring about solutions. They will feel that they belong, and are supported by their community members. They will learn ways that will help them maintain, and be proud of their community. Their self-esteem is very important, since this is what drives them to pick up habits that will make them feel accepted by their peers. In this project, we will help them build a spirit that will make them leaders, and participate in positive community actions.

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