Humanitarian African Relief Organization (HARO)

Posted on 27th July 2012 in News

The leadership of the Humanitarian African Relief Organization (HARO, hereinafter) is a collection of dedicated individuals who came together and formed this charitable institution to address the deepening crisis in Africa. The urgent need to help the needy, the indigent, the orphans, the elderly, the sufferers of malnutrition, and the hungry. HARO is committed to solving some of the problems by providing a well-planned and coordinated relief effort.

The Governing Board carries on the day-to-day operation of the corporation and sets both long and short policies.

HARO is funded by charitable contributions from individuals, corporations, and grantor agencies. Contributions to HARO come in many forms, through direct donation of money, donation of materials/supplies, expedition volunteers, fundraising events, are all welcomed and appreciated.
Our Mission

is to empower the needy and the indigent to make informed and healthy choices to counter the social and economic problems endemic in parts of Somalia and East Africa, by presenting helpful awareness, effective education, and assistance in the form of food, shelter, and medicine
Our Vision

is to help foster an environment in which hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy, and pernicious diseases become unknown to many people in Africa who otherwise lack the necessary resources to prevent these malignant problems

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