My name is Ubah Aden and I am running for Tukwila School Board, District 4 position.

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My name is Ubah Aden and I am running for Tukwila School Board, District 4 position. I am a proud Somali American and have lived in Tukwila since 2013 as an active citizen and a participant of many community efforts in our city and beyond. I have three children who are products of Tukwila School District.
I work in the medical field, where I am a health coach. It is my passion to work with my patients whom I coach about chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. I am also a State Certified Medical Interpreter working for Swedish Medical Center and have been a certified interpreter for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked not only in the medical field, but with our local schools in my area, mainly to bridge the gap between teachers and the new immigrant families with limited English proficiency. My goal is to ensure that students are prepared for success in school and beyond.
I have vast experience working with the community, serving our parents and youth in Tukwila and Seattle. I am currently serving on the Tukwila School Budget Committee. I also served on the Tukwila School Parent Advisory Committee. At the Parent Advisory Committee, we advocate for and address issues that are important to parents and find ways to have better communication with the teachers and school officials. With a multi-ethnic, multicultural, diverse city of ours, there is a significant need for immigrant and low-income parents that experience difficulties in navigating the school system. To build mutual purpose and trust with our new community, I believe there is a greater need for our School Board to reflect the diversity of our beautiful city of Tukwila as I intend on serving all parents of all backgrounds.
I believe that our community has always focused on the development of the whole child, helping all students experience success and become productive citizens. I realize that the gap exists between our students of color and other students in our District. In the climate of increased accountability, scarce resources and assessments, it is crucial for our community to maintain our focus on providing a complete educational experience for ALL children that is relevant to the ever-changing world around us and celebrate the learning accomplishments of each child.
We are truly lucky to have excellent schools in our community. However, there is always room for improvement. As a Tukwila School Board Member, I would promote the highest caliber of teaching and the Common Core State Standards, as well as support learning experiences that maximize each child’s potential, while remaining fiscally responsible. I will promote and support our families to integrate while maintaining their culture and beliefs. I will promote better communication in our district with our constituents. Most importantly, I will have in mind our children and our families and be at the forefront at championing their needs.
It will be an honor and a privilege to have your support as your new Tukwila School Board, District 4 Member.
– Shukri Araweelo Abdullahi Campaign Advisor

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President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmajo”

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VIDEOS 17th Annual Mu’tamar 2016 (Allah Xagiisa Aan u Cararno ! )

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Companion Athletics CA Spring Awards Ceremony. SomTV

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The impressive number of youth participants speaks in many ways to
what Companion Athletics is about. It also shows the eagerness of our
youth and the excellence of our program facilitators and coaches. We
go far beyond rhetoric by impacting lives in a more pragmatic manner.
It is also emblematic of the confidence our supporters have in Companion Athletics, its leaders and programs.

Short Description
Creating athletic programs that encourage solidarity, and instill great values that help us understand how we are all inextricably connected.


One of the biggest needs in our community is engaging youth in athletic programs that bolster leadership, rather than only focusing skill development and training in fundamentals. Furthermore, our youth are taught the important facets of the game. Companion Athletics programs are exclusively offered through a mission-aligned structure. The league runs for 3 months and will significantly help young basketball players improve their individual skill set, understand the game at a more complex level, and be better prepared for their next season of league competition.


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Xisbiga Waddani Md. Mukhtar Mure Warsam Seattle , WA

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Halkan Ka daawo Bahda Seattle TV Waraysi Kooban Oo ka Hadlaya Wafdiga Miisanka Leh Ee Xisbiga Waddani Ee U Hogaaminayo Gudoomiye Cabdiraxmaan M Cabdilahi(Ciro) Ee Soo Gaadhay Woqooyiga Maraykanka Oo Anu Ka Waraysanay Afhayeenka Qurbajooga Xisbiga Waddani Md. Mukhtar Mure Warsam


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Somali Community First RainWise Mosque celebrates in Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, WA: Dr. Mohamed Moussa Tourtour 1er Djiboutien candidat a la presidentielle 2016

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United Democratic

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